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I know i haven't updated this blog in forever but I just want to thank all of the people who gave their time out to read my blog. I have a new blog called Saint48 (Serving Art In No Time) that myself and my girl are running. It focuses more on design and art (I am an artist first and foremost). I know that alot of you read my blog because of my HONEST opinions about fashion and music and going by the responses to alot of my post its safe to say where I stand when it all goes down. If there is one thing I can say about myself is that I am persistant and I dont give into what others say or do just because something is popular or trendy. I choose to write how I feel about certain topics and it is up to you as the reader to choose whether or not you wanna agree with me or not. I advise anyone who has the heart and passion about anything worth talking about to start there own blog and voice your own opinions...now read Saint48....clothing is in the works and being finalized, photography is on point, and I will always choose to listen to anything that is not spoon fed to me...that will never change. 


Worst Tattoo Ever!

Fucked up right!

WTF! Bad Fashion

Reverse Pimpology

That's one ugly mug!

The Third World

yo i just my hands on the new Immortal Technique album "Third World" and man is this shit crazy! alot of you can't stand this dude cuz you think "he's crazy" or "that muthafucka is mad" but you know what....he's honest. not like alot of these exaggerated lifestyle rappers that aint got shit to say but how they have mad money....who cares! its refreshing to hear somebody speak about world issues and is passionate about spreading a message. i cant get that shit from lil wayne or jay z. buy this album or at least give it a listen and break the monotany of the same ol bullshit....khanone

I highly recommend you cop the new album by Vast Aire (for those who don't 1/2 of Cannibal Ox). It's a breath of fresh of air next to all the monotonous shit out there.
Support Indie HipHop!!!!!

From the his Complex photoshoot

Is it just me or do guys wearing V-necks look gay

Fedoras are the new scarves
Glasses without lenses look fuckin stupid
Chicks always make-out when they get their pictures taken
Every song out right now has a "AAAAAAAAYYYY" or Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh" in the background
Shorty Lo wants to be Jeezy (and he fuckin sucks)
Rick Ross is overated
Usher is still a douche
The "Cool Kids" sound is played
If you're still wearing a dookie gold chain then you need to check yourself

I Need These!

Air Max 90 Mowabb. It feels like 93 again!

Get that shit June 24th!!!


Immortal Technique - Ondaspot by skaybn

I can't wait for the "Third World" album to come out. It's good to hear a perspective other than some baller swagger-jacker shit. The culture is bigger than that.


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