This Shit Is Funny To Me

Is it just me or do guys wearing V-necks look gay

Fedoras are the new scarves
Glasses without lenses look fuckin stupid
Chicks always make-out when they get their pictures taken
Every song out right now has a "AAAAAAAAYYYY" or Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh" in the background
Shorty Lo wants to be Jeezy (and he fuckin sucks)
Rick Ross is overated
Usher is still a douche
The "Cool Kids" sound is played
If you're still wearing a dookie gold chain then you need to check yourself

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  1. Malik said...
    Such a hater...but I totally agree wichoo on 2 things:
    1. Usher being a d bag: remember when his mon chi chi clan tried to see the "new stuff" in the back" which really only consisted of some purple UFO's?

    2. Dudes wearing v neck tees: I don't want to see every sensitive guys taco meat and cleavage everytime I go out. Whatever happened to ringer tees? Ha!

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