Yo Yo

I know i haven't updated this blog in forever but I just want to thank all of the people who gave their time out to read my blog. I have a new blog called Saint48 (Serving Art In No Time) that myself and my girl are running. It focuses more on design and art (I am an artist first and foremost). I know that alot of you read my blog because of my HONEST opinions about fashion and music and going by the responses to alot of my post its safe to say where I stand when it all goes down. If there is one thing I can say about myself is that I am persistant and I dont give into what others say or do just because something is popular or trendy. I choose to write how I feel about certain topics and it is up to you as the reader to choose whether or not you wanna agree with me or not. I advise anyone who has the heart and passion about anything worth talking about to start there own blog and voice your own opinions...now read Saint48....clothing is in the works and being finalized, photography is on point, and I will always choose to listen to anything that is not spoon fed to me...that will never change. 



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